Call For Submissions

This call for submissions is open to all.

Full Bleed, Issue 02, will be published in Spring 2018. We will be accepting proposals and submissions  until January 1, 2018. We seek essays, polemics, belle lettres, design, and artwork from contributors around the world. We are partial to criticism that emanates personality, plays with form, and casts an aesthetic spell of its own. We encourage contrarian argument on fundamental questions of value. We also invite rumination on the art-making life and creativity.

Below is a list of possible recurring columns and departments. Feel free to submit ideas for any of these or other features you think we should consider:   

Contentions: Debates between two or more thinkers who disagree about a given aesthetic or cultural dispute, dilemma, or condition impacting people today.   

Criticism: Ambitious critical essays on cultural phenomena, ruptures, pathologies, or changes that are of active concern to living artists and designers. Also, critiques of artworks, salient exhibits, or developments in design disciplines.  

Graphic essays: Illustration or writing that relies heavily on drawing or the conventions of comics.

Cartography: Original maps, floor-plans, or charts that display information in surprising ways.

Photographic essays: Images that challenge visual cliché, cultural prejudice, and entrenched belief. Documentation of acute social problems around the world.  

Studio Life: Annotated photographs of the studios, hubs, and shared spaces in which creative people work.

Fixes: Diagrams, sketches, or descriptions of innovations that would improve systems of cultural exchange and the well-being of humanity.

Encounters: Personal accounts of cultural and travel experiences.

Work: Essays about getting by, or not, in the twenty-first century.

Branded: Commentary on consumer culture and marketing. 

Please email proposals or submissions with a brief biography to Thank you!



Paul Jaskunas